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Across America, when existing businesses need more working capital, what do you think is the most common source of funding?

If you guessed “banks”, you probably haven’t had the displeasure of trying to get a bank to make a favorable lending decision, much less do it quickly and with minimal paperwork. And, if the relationship started out okay, you’d have learned that a bank won’t let you get more funds until your first loan is fully paid off. The real answer isn’t “banks”.

The most common source of funding are “home equity loans”. Of course, your home becomes as vulnerable as your business. Wasn’t limiting risk the reason you incorporated or formed an LLC in the first place?

Our Founder/CEO spent his early career in the residential mortgage industry, frequently noticing that business owners would put up their homes to get additional cash for their companies. This is not an ideal way to source funds for an ongoing business.

In 2011, he launched Formula Funding to address the overwhelming need for easy access to capital without the risk, red tape and hoops that banks make business owners jump through. Plus, working with us, you won’t need to give up equity in your business or your home. And once you’ve become a funded client of ours, we’re available to provide additional financial assistance, sooner rather than later.

To see how a Formula Funding customized package and personal attention can make your business more successful and your life a lot easier, speak with one of our funding specialists. Simply call us during business hours, or fill in the short form on this page so we can contact you. Do it today. You’ll be glad you did.

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    "Working with Formula Funding was fast. They worked to get us the best deal out there."

    - Kurt B.

    "Our Formula consultant was amazing. He absolutely went above and beyond in customer service and authentically cares about his customers and their business!"

    - Becky S.

    "I loved working with Formula Funding. Ryan and his team told it to me straight and made a solid game plan to help our company get over its hurdle."

    - Willie G.

    "Fair and transparent. Business funding is necessary to grow. Formula makes it possible."

    - Jeremy C.

    "The Formula Funding team is the best we have encountered. They are fast, efficient, knowledgeable and everything they said worked exactly as they described it."

    - Zoe B.

    "The Formula Funding team does a great job of making the loan process simple and free of the typical sales BS. I've been working with these guys for a few years now and will continue to in the future. Keep up the good work guys!"

    - Jason N.