Small Business Funding

Truth Vs. Sales – Decoding Small Business Funding

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You need funding for your small business but you know the bank won’t approve you.

You start applying to private “working capital” lenders online that promise quick and easy money for your business? You quickly find yourself in a dark and murky world of fast talking salesmen and empty promises?

Have you heard these lines before? 

I have no idea what you qualify for until we submit the file to underwriting…

We can’t tell you the cost of the deal until we get you approved…

Your rate could be 5-10%, I just don’t know – let’s see what you qualify for…

The TRUTH is you are simply being pulled into a process to be SOLD. The sales people DO know the answers up front, they just won’t tell you. Its a carefully crafted sales strategy that wants to pull you into a process to be SOLD. It cares not about your time or credit. You may even be told the cost of the loan COULD be “as low as 5%” and the fees COULD be almost nothing. This is always a LIE, justified by the fast talking salesman during the CLOSE because of your low credit or short time in business, all information that they knew RIGHT UP FRONT.

An HONEST lender will tell you the HARD TRUTH right up front after reviewing some basic info about your business. Even if its not what you want to hear, it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO. This is how Formula Funding does business. No secrets, no mystery, no smoke and mirrors.

BEFORE we pull your credit, before we shop your file for the best deal, we tell you what you are applying for right up front. THEN AND ONLY THEN should you decide if you want to move forward with the funding process, credit pulls, submitting more documents, etc. towards your working capital loan.

This is TRUTH Vs SALES. Choose to be told the TRUTH over being SOLD.

Combining a high level of personalized service with a cutting-edge lending platform, Formula Funding delivers an unparalleled banking alternative. We offer a fast and efficient option to get your business the critical funding it needs without the red tape. We work with all credit grades, tax liens, judgments, and charge-offs – something unheard of at a traditional bank. Since 2010 over 15,000 small business owners have used our funding sources to grow and expand.